1.  Liability/Responsibility:
We encourage you to verify with your pediatrician that it is okay for the swimmer to participate in the lessons.  These lessons do not replace adult supervision.  We do not consider any student "drown-proof."  We ask you not to swim-float-swim your child outside of a lesson until it has been discussed with an Atlantic Aquatics Academy instructor.
2.  Swimmer's Diet:
Please make sure that swimmers don't eat anything 1.5 hours prior to lessons.  Swimmers normally swallow air in the learning process which result in large burps.  If food is digested just before a lesson, there is a good chance it will end up in the pool.
3.  Pre-Lesson Preparation:
Please make sure you are on time and even slightly early to your lesson.  Conducting lessons on time makes for a more efficient training schedule.  We know everyone is busy, so we do our best to be efficient with our time.  Help us by being on time/early.
Arrive at a lesson with the proper time needed to dress the swimmer.  It takes a few minutes to change a swimmer from regular clothes to swim attire.
Bring a towel!  Everyone wants to dry off after a lesson.
Please make sure the bathroom is used before coming to a lesson.  Sometimes bathroom access is limited (depending on the lesson location).
4.  Swim Suit/Diaper requirements:
Until 3rd birthday and/or not potty trained:
If the lesson is not in your own personal pool, all swimmers must wear a cloth reusable swim diaper approved by Atlantic Aquatics Academy staff.  Swim diaper must fit snugly around the legs and waist.  The swim diaper may not have snaps.  Do not purchase swim diapers with room for the swimmer to grow into.  Swim diapers must fit well so they are effective.  This is what we recommend:
Even if the students are potty trained, they must wear a correctly fitted cloth swim diaper until their third birthday.  It may be worn under a correctly fitted swimsuit.
If during a lesson a swimmer has a bowel movement, the swimmer will be immediately removed from the pool and needs to be changed before the lesson can continue.  The swimmer may be asked to wear a regular diaper underneath the swim diaper for the next lesson.
All Other Swimmers:
Do not purchase swimsuits too large to grow into.  Suits must be form fitting with no gaps in the legs or bottom area.  Bikinis, stretched out or baggy material, ill-fitting suits, or revealing swimsuits are not suitable for swimming lessons.  Well fitted one-piece suits are best for learning.  Save other suits for private beaches or play time at home.
These standards are implemented for the safety of all our swimmers.
Thanks for understanding!
5.  Pics/Vids:
Be proud of your kids.  Feel free to take pictures and video of your own children!  Please be respectful in regard to other swimmers who may be present.
6.  Cancellations:
If your child cannot be at the scheduled lesson, a two-hour notice is required in order for the lesson to be made up.  Please text a message to: 1-833-548-3246. You can also email us at 
If there are multiple cancellations, Atlantic Aquatics Academy has the right to decide if the lessons will continue.
7.  Lesson Make-Ups:
If you cancelled within the allotted time period you have until your next lesson to reschedule.
8.  Missed Lessons:
If you do not call us, leave a voicemail, text, or email, and do not show for your lesson, the lesson is considered a no-show.  This lesson cannot be made up.  If there are 2 no-shows, Atlantic Aquatics Academy has the right to cancel the remaining lessons with no refund.
9.  Refunds:
There are no credit reimbursements.  All payments are non-refundable.
10. Registration Fee:
One-time payment of $75 per student.