PediaSwim Lessons for Ages 6 Months to 5 Years Old

Teaching Water Navigation for Fun and Safety
Package price per student: $950
Basic Training (Ages 6 Months to 5 Years Old)

All swimmers must go through Basic Training to build the necessary skills before moving on.  Basic training is the backbone of what Atlantic Aquatics Academy has to offer.  Swimmers from 6 months and up will learn to swim face down and rotate on their back to a float.  After resting and breathing in a floating position, they will learn to go back to a face down posture.  This is called Swim Float Swim.

Cost per private lesson: $55
Maintenance (Ages 7 Months to 5 Years Old)

Maintenance continues to support the swimmer's ability to Swim Float Swim in correct posture.  The swimmer's foundation in Basic Training is continuously being built upon for skill retention.

What will be learned?
PediaSwim techniques will be used to teach students to swim face down, rotate on their back for air, and to swim again face down. Instructors will continue to teach proper posture and alignment in the development of students becoming skilled swimmers with a healthy respect for the water.
What to Expect
Our instructors are excited and enthusiastic for each lesson. Our instructors will handle each swimmer with gentleness and kindness. We understand that each student is different! As PediaSwim instructors, we will accommodate each swimmer to achieve the desired skill sets. At just 10 minutes per lesson, it is incredible to see the fun and progression that will take place in each swimmer.
Where do We Teach?
We teach in the comfort of your personal pool, private pools, or facilities. During enrollment, pool location will be determined.
How Many Students are in a Lesson?
We only offer one-on-one training. This enables our instructors to spend the entire lesson soley focused on one swimmer at a time to give undivided attention.
How Long Are Lessons?
Lessons are 10 minutes each, 5 days a week, for 3-5 weeks (Basic Training). Maintenance lessons are 2 times per week. It is important that swimmers are on time (or even slightly early) so that we can do our best to stay on time for everyone.
Is Maintenance Necessary?
Maintenance lessons ensure the upkeep of the learned skills from Basic Training while moving in the direction of Stroke. Children are constantly growing, which means we want to ensure that the changing bodies adapt with the skills they have learned. Maintenance is also what is used if a swimmer has been out of the water for a period of time. Since all swimmers are different, our skilled instructors will determine how much maintenance is needed. Usually maintenance lessons are twice per week, but depending on the swimmer, may be more or less.

These lessons do not replace adult supervision. We don't consider any student "drown-proof."

We are not medical doctors and do not intend our experiences and opinions to supersede appropriate medical attention and advice from a licensed healthcare professional. That being said, we do hope to be a positive source of ideas and encouragement as you care for yourself and your family around an aquatic environment.